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Finally, a relevant and anointed, 21st Century Christian Survival Manual appropriate for every 'born again' man, woman, and teenager. A step - by - step guide for all believers in Christ on how to maneuver through the many traps of a very deceptive world. A world that Satan has studied and planned for thousands of years, well before we were ever born. A world filled with deceptions, strategies and schemes that are all set to entrap God's children and divide us from our loving Father and Savior.

21st Century - Christian Survival Manual

SKU: 000001
    • If you feel stuck, distracted, or disconnected from God and your purpose or battlefield position
    • If you need delierance from your addictions, sin, curses or generational curses and to receive all God has for you
    • If you need to learn how to apply your spiritual armor and the will and ways of God in order to win the battle for your marriage, family, children, or church
    • If you need to mature in the power and victory of Jesus Christ and be a power-filled warrior or princess warrior
    • If you need to figure out your battlefield position in the Kingdom of God and the blessings of God in your life daily
    • If you need to revisit God's grace, love, mercy, and want to have the peace of Christ
    • If you want to grow in grace, favor, and anointing in Christ



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