Orphaned Hearts - Preface


A book that has taken thirty years to share with the world. It is not just a story. It is My life. My HEART! My pain! My hope and healing. And prayerfully, our Hope and healing.


As an adopted child of two, I thought I was headed to a life of love, family and promise. Instead, I landed in a pit of despair, hopelessness, helplessness and modern-day slavery. Apparently, I had been born to serve this family. At fifteen, I described myself as a "dirty dishrag" that no one cared about. But, the story does not end there for me as it does for many - way too many.

Book - Orphaned Hearts

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  • Leaving home at sixteen and living in a car afraid and alone, I went down a road of self-destruction, landing in a hospital at age 22. I was literally starving to death by choice. Anorexia nervosa had gripped my life and I did not even know it. Praise God, I chose to live and learned to fly. This story has a very blessed outcome. Today, I am a joyfully happy, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy and anointed woman of God. “Hallelujah!” is my war cry, and “Praise the Lord!” is my mantra!

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